EPO 2010 Final Standings

    Current Position Approx Chip Count Prize
Fabian Quoss 1st Finished £220,650
Sebastian Crul 2nd Finished £129,000
Mathew Frankland 3rd Finished £77,400
Felipe Ramos 4th Finished £54,300
Andrew Brennan 5th Finished £40,750
Brent Lehring 6th Finished £30,550
Mark Norman 7th Finished £23,750
Salman Behbehani 8th Finished £17,000
Stephen Chimelski 9th Finished £13,600
Soap Song 10th Finished £9,500
Theo Steimer 11th Finished £9,500
Liv Boeree 12th Finished £9,500
Pantelis Christodoulou 13th Finished £9,500
Thorsten Schafer 14th Finished £6,800
Jami Juutila 15th Finished £6,800
Stephen Eames 16th Finished £6,800
Chuck Clark 17th Finished £6,800
Phil Laak 18th Finished £6,800
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